Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sluzy-Q!

Ok, I'm a sucky blogger. I'm aware of this. I actually started a post in honor of my dear pal, Suzanna's, birthday when it was actually her month ago today. However by the time I made it back to Athens from her kickin' party at Frontera Mex-Mex Grill and the after party at Trice Manor, I was too sleepy to finish it. Nonetheless the point and purpose of the post was/is (err...) to celebrate Suzanna. There are so many things that I could go on and on about Suzanna and her friendship but one of them is her love for birthdays. She truly celebrates people and makes them feel so special on their special days (like, birthdays) and I want her to know that it does not go unnoticed. This world is a much better place because she is in it!
PS...I'm happy to report that she had the lung capacity to blow out all the candles at once and the City of Norcross Fire Department was not called during the festivities.


Josh & Donna said...

happy belated b-day suzanna!

Suzanna said...

Thanks, Donna. And, Heather, of all of your "make up posts", this is my favorite :) You are very sweet to say all of those nice things...but I must admit that deep down I really just like cake a lot.