Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Year of the Dog

One year ago today, I took on a new role: Master. Perhaps I should say that in theory I took on a new role, but this little pup had me wrapped around his paw from the beginning.
I actually started this blog post last night, but earlier today when I was finishing it up, I hit some random computer key and for whatever reason, all of the content disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle of the blogosphere. I love it when things like that happen. All that to say, this is kind of the Cliff's Notes version of my original post. Honestly when I got Cash a year ago, I had no idea what in the world I was getting myself into. Sure I had read a book on Labrador Retrievers, but I quickly learned that there is a pretty significant difference between theory and application.
Over the past 12 months I have lost shoes. I have lost sleep. I have lost pillows. Some days I felt as if I had nearly lost my mind. Were it not for a little place called Pawtropolis, I probably would have. Of course it's perfectly natural for you out there reading this to scoff at the concept that is Doggie Daycare. I will admit that I absolutely rolled my eyes at the thought of it before getting Cash. Suddenly though when I found myself with a 30 pound (and getting bigger by the millisecond) Lab puppy in a one bedroom apartment rainy day after rainy day, it seemed like the greatest idea known to man. I'm not so sure that Cash and I shared the same sentiments initially.
Cue Sarah McLachlan music please because doesn't he look like an ASPCA poster puppy in that picture? Fortunately after a few trips to Mike Vick's training camp, he began to force friendship upon the other dogs.
Just as I swore that I would never send my dog to doggie daycare prior to actually getting one, I also swore that Cash would never sleep in my bed. What can I say? It got really cold in December and he made a great foot warmer. Whenever I got Cash, I really wanted him to be a highly socialized dog that played nicely with his canine compadres as well as with people. I think that he's done pretty well thus far.
While he certainly loves other dogs and people, one of his very best friends from the very beginning is yellow and round.

His love for tennis balls is quite abnormal. In fact it's quite embarrassing at the dog park when all of the other dogs run up to him wanting to play and he stays intently focused on the tennis ball. I just call him Rain Puppy when it happens. He is quite talented though in that now he fetches them two at a time. Stupid Pet Tricks, here we come! The [first] year of the dog has been quite an interesting one. While I have lost a few things, this stuff pales in comparison to all that I have gained. I have gained more patience. I have gained an understanding of the importance and necessity of consistency. I have gained a forever friend.

[Note: I had a really hard time picking out the pictures for this posting so if you want to see even more pictures of quite possibly the greatest Chocolate Labrador Retriever, in the whole wide world, click here.]


Suzanna said...

Cute--and I actually mean it. And you know I can't honestly say that about too many pet posts. Those pictures of him as a sweet tiny puppy make me feel a little sad for you like I am a little sad when I realize how fast Caroline is growing up. I remember when he was smaller than her!

Ashley said...

I love a good post about a dog. :)

JenGwen said...

My first time to your blog.
These pictures and your words are so great! You are such a good writer. And Cash is absolutely adorable. I have really enjoyed reading stuff you write about him on FB.