Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lessons in Saying Never

So I'm notorious for saying "I'll never...". I've always done it. Apparently I'm a bit challenged because I haven't learned that inevitably I will eat those words. Allow me to share a few of my "never" statements...
1. I'll never stay in Dahlonega after I graduate. I made this statement at least a hundred million times throughout college. It was sometime during my 4th year after graduation that I finally came to terms with the fact that I really loved living there. So much so that I stayed another 2 years for good measure.

2. I'll never have a Facebook account. Um...guilty.

3. I'll never go to the University of Georgia. Interesting. It's my enrollment at the flagship university of the state that caused me to finally up and leave Dahlonega.

4. I'll never have an inside dog. Drumroll please.....

Cash the Wonder Puppy

Ok, I know that I'm partial, but he's awesome. Cash is a chocolate Lab who is 6 weeks old. And he's totally an inside dog. Well, except for of course when we're outside playing or learning the art of pottying in a designated outdoor area. It's especially super that I live on the second floor so I'm getting quite the workout. Here are a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Hmm...maybe I should've named him Pete Sampras instead.

As for his name here is the origin of it:

1. The people that I got him from have the last name of Cash.

2. Johnny is ultra cool and legendary and with any luck, this Cash will be as well.

3. I love the show Men in Trees and there is a character named Cash. (Sidenote: I'm super bummed that the show has been cancelled.)

4. I'll be forking out lots of it on him.

I'm praying that he does a whole lot of this tonight in his crate.

So my long lesson in saying never is to never say it unless you really want it to happen. My next "never" statement will be something to the effect of "I'll never drive a red Volvo SUV." Stay tuned for puppy updates!


Jenny said...

So, so cute! And if you need any therapy as a new puppy owner, I'm here for you. Really.

Amanda said...

So excited to see pictures! Hope his vet visit went well. He is adorable!

allison said...

He's so cute! My sweet husband really wants a dog, but we can't have one where we live. Besides, who can afford a new dog and a newborn???? Thanks for sharing and the pics.

Josh & Donna said...


Suzanna said...

Please let Cash know that he has made it on my very, very short list of animals that I don't dislike.

He is VERY cute...he looks just like the puppies on the posters you used to get free when you ordered books from the Scholastic flyers.

Heather said...

Hmmm...Scholastic book poster modeling...that's a perfect way for him to make some money to pay for his vet bills! Great idea!!

Angel said...

YOU GOT A PUPPY!!! Cash is so cute, Heather. The girls would go crazy over him.