Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm such a girl.

Alright, I'll admit it...I just watched part of The Bachelorette finale. Each season I roll my eyes at the absolute ridiculousness of it all, but each season I watch the first and last episodes. [Who is the ridiculous one now?] I really could care less about all of the drama that happens in between, and you should all be thankful that I don't watch each episode or else I might feel compelled to blog after each one which would lead me to commit a cardinal sin of blogging: relentless rants with no purpose.

So the show was 2 hours long and I tuned in when there was about 40 minutes left. I didn't know the guys who were left and I'll admit that I was absolutely confused when she was crushing the hopes and dreams of one young Romeo with 35 minutes of show time remaining. Of course she gave him the same schpill that every Bachelor and Bachelorette throughout the course of history has given the first loser [Because like Ricky Bobby says, "if you're not first, you're last."] He's great, he's wonderful, she never imagined that it would turn out this way, but she loves another man. He's heartbroken. Here's my question - Did he honestly think that she was in love with him? Could he not pick up on the fact that maybe she just wasn't that into him? Or was she giving him the "I Love You" vibe right up until the last minute? If so, I believe some people would refer to that as she was having her cake and eating it too. And we all know what gluttony can do to a girl.

So Kitzyn or whatever his name is was off crying in the limo while some other dude appears from nowhere wearing weird shoes and a sloppy looking suit. Is that his style or was he trying to look "harried and frantic" for the camera even though all of us at home know that this show has been perfectly scripted and staged. And if you don't already know that, then I'm sorry to burst your bubble. Please don't ask me about the existence of the tooth fairy unless you really want to know the truth. It's times like these when I wish that maybe I had watched a little more closely throughout the season [or at least followed it online] because I might understand a little better as to why this guy is taking up air time. He confesses his undying love to Jillian. She's emotional. She's confused. She doesn't understand why this is happening when she was prepared to tell another Ken doll that she wanted to spend happily ever after with him. She needs time to think. Here's my question: If she was so certain 3 minutes before when she dropped whats-his-face like a bad habit, then why is she so doubtful now? Does she really love Prince Charming if confusion enters in so easily? Sure I don't know the history between her and weird shoe boy, but seriously. I understand that perhaps I'm the wrong person to be asking this question because I've never been proposed to thrice in one night. After a brief counseling session with Love Doctor Extraordinaire, Chris Harrison, she makes up her mind and sends sloppy suit and shoe boy packing.

And then finally, the moment we've all been waiting for: Ed appears on the scene. For the third time in one night a love struck male professes his undying love for Jillian. Here's my question: Do these guys feel a sense of obligation and pressure to propose to her because she has essentially picked them all along the way? But before Ed goes any further, he's got to know if she loves him back. Good move Ed...way to play it a little cautious because heart breaker Jillian was definitely on a roll and things do happen in threes. Of course she loves him with all of her heart because well, she's obviously out of options for finding a husband since this is her last proposal and it's doubtful that she'll be invited back for a third season of this silly show. So she says that magic word "YES!" and all is right in the world.

Ok, so here's why I'm such a girl...As much as I roll my eyes and scoff at the reality of couples on these shows ever actually making a trip down the aisle together, I still got chills and a little bit teary-eyed and caught up in the happiness of it all. Even if it was scripted happiness and that new Martina McBride song that I like so well was cued at just the right time, I along with the rest of the saps in America had the opportunity to witness happiness and joy in the making. It sure beats watching Larry King Live.


Brenda A. from Woodstock ;-) said...

I must stop watching this silly show but it's like a train wreck here....we keep watching and watching.....;-)

Angel said...

tune in for the "bachelorette after the rose" tonight. sloppy suit Reid is sure to wear a doozy.

wonder if ed and jillian are still together? My bet is that Reid proposes again, takes his ugly shoe off and beats Ed over the head with it...but then Jillian runs off with Jason Mesnick leaving Molly to become the next Bachelorette!

enjoyed the post. it all makes me sick to my stomach, but i watch anyway. good grief.

Meeshin' Around said...

HP - you didn't mention anything about the $60,000 engagement ring! i mean hello - i thought we were in a recession?

Shelby said...

I love me some batchlorette! :)

Merideth said...

I've gotta admit, I tuned in as well...Ed was my fav from the beginning!