Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A blog post devoted to nothing.

I've got nothing to report. Other than the fact that my sheer excitement in my last post over the departure of my neighbors was apparently a bit premature. Much of their stuff is seemingly gone except for the essentials: their cars, the [loud, obnoxious] dog, and the scary bulldog planter/hanging basket on the patio. I would like to think that it's the disappointment over their continued presence that has drained me of all things witty, intelligent, or thought-provoking to discuss, but that's giving them far too much credit.

Maybe it's the revived presence of pine tree pollen that is to blame. I thought that maybe somehow I had managed to escape the wrath of spring awakening this year, but as it turns out, my sinuses are just a late bloomers. [Does anyone else wonder why I don't have my own television show? Because with lines like that, I should have filled the 11 pm slot at TBS.] On Sunday I woke up with the old familiar ache in my head that always instills a little bit of anxiety in me that I do in fact have a tumor or an aneurysm. Or as I affectionately refer to my condition: tumerysm. Fortunately my tumerysm is only seasonal.

Perhaps it's because my brain has been forever altered when I was exposed to the Twilight venom on Saturday morning. NO, I haven't read the books [yet]. I blame the free Shotime preview weekend. It was free. I have DVR. It seemed like a win-win combination at the time, but now I secretly find myself saying things like "I'm totally on Team Edward". Really?!? That should be a sure sign that I'm losing brain cells by the minute. Alright, all of you Twilighters, I'm only teasing...no need to get all worked up and send the evil vampires my way

I'm considering beginning my independent study that is due in oh...2.5 weeks. Because that is what I should be working on feverishly, I'm bound to come up with plenty of blogging material in the mean time.

Stay tuned.

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