Friday, April 17, 2009

I Play Favorites

A couple of days ago my friend Emily asked me to provide her with a list of my 10 favorite blogs that she should be following. This is a bit of a tall order since I do not read 10 blogs consistently myself. She is going to have some time on her hands for a little extra reading because as of today she is officially a candidate for a Ph.D! And that's more than kind of a big deal for those of you who do not travel in academic circles. I'm so glad that my political advisor has credentials.

While Emily and I share similar views about many, TV shows, politics, books, people, etc., we have different interests as well. And therein lies my problem with creating a list of blogs that she should be following. So what I'm going to do is share with you all some of my favorite blogs along with why I love them and why I think that Emily would love them. Note: I don't know these people from Adam's house cat other than the fact that I stumbled across their blogs one day because they were linked to one of my friends' blog or through some crazy succession of blog hopping from link to link. At first I thought that it was weird to read blogs of people that I don't know, but then I realized that everybody was doing it so it must be ok. [It's what I told my mom back in high school when I followed a group of kids off of a bridge too.] Without further ado...

Big Mama. I love this blog because Big Mama herself is so funny. I laugh and laugh some more in most of her posts. We share the same humor which means that she is equally as sophisticated as I am. Speaking of sophisticated, she offers free fashion advice every Friday that is useful. I recently gave my own friends a tutorial on scarf tying based on what I learned from her blog. Plus quite often she'll share some stories that make me think and encourages me. In addition, I believe that Emily will enjoy this blog because she's a die hard football fan, loves Friday Night Lights, and takes an interest in politics. Or something like that. [Dear Big Mama - if for some reason you've arrived here in order to find out who the freak is that has linked multiple of your blog postings to this blog, your friend Annie can vouch for me that I'm not really a freak at all.] Speaking of Annie...

Annie Blogs. Well, I knew that this blog was great the first time that I read it. I could relate to her in a sense because she had up and left all that was familiar for a new city and so had I. Except she was there because that is where God led her and I went begrudgingly to Athens because I just knew that I had to get the heck out of Dahlonega and it was my only choice. And she's going to be a famous author one day and well...I'm not. But that's ok because I begin far too many of my sentences with conjunctions and end far too many with prepositions. I would be an editor's worst nightmare. And we grew up in neighboring counties so that is automatic justification to be Facebook friends...which we are. One reason that Emily is going to like this blog because she makes this soup.

David Molnar Photography. I discovered this blog after a girl who I went to college with had the link to her brother-in-law's wedding pictures on her blog. It just so happens that this was the photographer. The thing that I noticed in the pictures is that the photographer has the ability to capture the reverence of a wedding ceremony and all that encompasses the entire day from the bride getting ready to the toss of the garter at the reception without the pictures being "typical wedding pictures". The reason why Emily would enjoy this blog is because she loves weddings and good scenery [they travel all over to shoot weddings] and you find both here. [Dear David Molnar Photography - I might need a discount one day. Please remember this endorsement when I call you because like 3 people read my blog on a daily basis so you will get all sorts of business as a result of this mention of your company. Thanks.]

My Charming Kids. Ok, the name of this blog alone will probably prevent Emily from ever reading it, but I still do [see prior reference about our differences]. Granted, the thought of having 4 small children so close in age like MckMama does kind of makes me hyperventilate but the reason why I read this blog is because her youngest baby boy is very, very sick. In a heartbreaking sort of way because someone must be devoted to this baby's care at all times. Baby Stellan and MckMama are now in Boston while the rest the family remains in the Midwest. The whole story is an absolute miracle in the making and MckMama is a gifted writer so this blog has been read by millions over the past few weeks, and so many prayers are being prayed for this family. But what it also reminds me of is that there are so many more little babies and kiddos out there who are sick and in need of our prayers also. One of the reasons why Emily will like this blog I think is because of the photo gallery which is one of my favorite parts too. Stellan [well, really his name] has been all over the world and even in the hands of a former president and he's not even a year old.

BooMama. She's from the South. She's sassy. And she loves The Office. I seriously look forward to her recaps from The Office and American Idol every week. Incidentally Emily loves both The Office and American Idol too so perhaps she will find some enjoyment in said show reviews.

Obviously I enjoy reading life blogs more than other types of blogs. Yes, there are multiple classifications and types of blogs out there to be read. Like cooking blogs. Traveling blogs. Sports blogs. Political blogs. Blah Blah Blagh. What I find to be quite fascinating about the blogs that I regularly read is that I have learned something valuable from each one of them while being entertained in the process. It's like watching public television. But much better.

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Em O-W said...

I love it...this blog, you, and the blogs you recomment! Thanks for appeasing me and giving me plenty to do next week :-) HP, you never let me down!!