Sunday, January 1, 2012

8 Achievable Ambitions.

Happy New Year!

I like resolutions. However, I rarely make them unless I think that I can keep them pretty easily. Perhaps it's that component in my personality that causes me to never even attempt something unless I'm sure that I can achieve it. What? You think of me as a person who has had limited experiences due to my lack of attempt?

So in the spirit of the New Year, here are 8 things that I plan to do in 2012:

1. Run a half-marathon. I'm long overdue. The last one that I did was in November 2009.
2. Write more. In my journal. Here in the blogosphere. Notes and cards to my people.
3. Resume my multi-vitamin regiment. Why did I ever stop taking vitamins in the first place? No clue.
4. Eliminate using my debit card. I was cash only from January to April in 2011. It's time to make Dave proud again.
5. Plane trip to a place I've never been. [Duh.]
6. Work harder at work. Fact: I'm a taskmaster when I need to be. But there are some pretty big projects on my to-do list that I want to complete.
7. Clean out my coat closet. Y'all. This closet is so full and cluttered that the skeletons can't even fit in it.
8. Get a passport.

So. Who here makes resolutions or sets goals? What do you hope that 2012 brings? A new calendar is as exciting as new notebooks at the beginning of the school year. Clean, fresh, and waiting for us to leave marks on them. What kind of mark do you want to leave on 2012? Make it count just in case the Mayans are right. That way when they are proven wrong, we can all look back on the great memories that we made!

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