Sunday, May 3, 2009

Everybody Loves an Underdog Story.

I can't believe that I missed the Kentucky Derby. Who am I kidding? Of course I missed the Kentucky Derby because I have been stuck in a little place that I like to call "Paper Writing Purgatory" for the past week with no signs of getting out before this coming Thursday. I've probably missed a retirement announcement from a Supreme Court Justice or something else of utmost importance too.

I've actually watched the Derby pretty consistently for several years now. One time I watched it in Florida and was so inspired that I ended up at the dog tracks. Well, maybe not inspired, per say, but I did end up at the dog tracks. It's not something that I like to talk about though as I've been able to repress most of those memories so let's not bring them to the surface. A couple of years ago I watched it with Dad from his hospital room. Instead of sipping on Mint Juleps though, we both had a Frosted Orange. [Yum...The Varsity.] Last year I watched intently all the while hoping that the little boy who was going blind would be able to see his dad win the Kentucky Derby while he could still see. Remember that story? And how his dad didn't win. This year it completely escaped my mind between editing the paper for my group's big consulting project [Let's all just take a moment to consider the irony here that I am the one editing a paper worth 45% of my entire group's final grade. Obviously they don't read my blog.] and putting together just the right outfit to go with a certain pair of shoes. So when I heard the news headlines tonight I was really bummed that I missed it considering the winner had a 50-1 odds of doing so. Whatever that means. It means that some lucky duck probably got really rich today, I think.

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, I was able to see the entire race via YouTube. In case you happen to be the other person in the entire free world who doesn't have DVR and missed it earlier today, you can tune it and see it for yourself right here:

Upon watching this clip, I thought to myself "what kind of person [who desperately needs a tripod to set that camera on] thinks to take out his or her personal camcorder with the sole intent of using it to record the Kentucky Derby that is happening on the TV just to upload the footage to YouTube moments later?" Probably the same kind of person who never leaves home without her camera just in case the "perfect" photo op presents itself.

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Em O-W said...

first the new blog look (although, I do miss the tea hat picture). I am also curious to meet the person videoing the tv. Last night, I took a picture of a web page on the computer for my sister...