Monday, May 11, 2009

Otherwise, I would think the whole thing was just a dream.

Since I last blogged, I successfully completed another semester of grad school, and as of last Thursday I am officially on summer vacation. And let me tell you, the three readers out there, my vacation got off to a great start! I got a manicure and pedicure...took a trip to Wal-Mart...went to church...watched Marley and Me [shed copious amounts of tears]...drank some chocolate milk...learned about the greatness that is the iPhone...caught up on some missed television shows. And all of this fun that I just listed isn't even the half of it!

I took this picture of Jason Mraz...
He was getting us all warmed up for these guys...Now I know that all of the true DMB fans out there are well aware of the fact that they were in Atlanta at the end of April...not this past weekend. This weekend they played in Vegas. And it just so happens that I was there, too!
Please note the freshly manicured nails holding the fabulous sign. Vegas manis and pedis are fantastic. Not once was I asked if I wanted a flower painted on my big toe, nor was my hair the topic of a conversation that took place in a language other than English.

But wait...there's more. We haven't even discussed the food. Friday before the concert, we had dinner at craftsteak las vegas which was absolutely amazing. Saturday brought homemade omelets and a dinner picnic with great wine, shrimp, and burritos. Now when I write the word "picnic", how many of you conjure up images of red checked tablecloths on the banks of a river or something? Well, that's nice and all, but that's not a Vegas picnic. Not. At. All. a Vegas picnic. Just look at this view...Absolutely surreal. The picnic grounds in Vegas convert nicely into dance floors all the while never losing this view, too. I just can't get over how great it was.

Of course what made all of these things that I have been writing about so much fun was the company that I kept during the trip. Ryan is the mastermind behind all of this [plus some of the photos you see here]. Well, "all of this" means everything but the whole trip to Wal-Mart for my hair products, that was my idea. However, he was kind enough to drive me there. It's very humbling when I think about how much thought and time he put into making me feel so special. It was just an awesome trip. When I left Vegas in January with 20 $100 bills in my [$7 dollar clearance special] purse, I thought that there was no way that trip could ever be topped. Boy was I wrong. So wrong. The memories from this trip are worth more than a bankroll of big headed Benjamin Franklin's any day of the week.

Now for you skeptics out there who are thinking that what I have just shared is too good to be true and it was probably all just a dream, I've got further evidence for you that it was certainly no dream. [Even though I felt the need to pinch myself once or twice during the weekend just to make sure it wasn't.] Had it been a dream, I'm pretty confident that this guy would've never made a cameo.


Anonymous said...

You look beautiful! It looks like you guys had such a good time!! Soon you will have Kevin convinced he needs to go to Vegas. :) (I've already been and am trying to convince him to take me somewhere I haven't been.) haha! Is there more you can share over this great guy, Ryan? Can't wait to hang out with HP in the States... we're counting down the days.

Maggie said...

I love it Heather! So glad that you had a great time! Now for a girl who has only been to Vegas when I was 7 to go to Circus Circus, I have some catching up to do.

Suzanna said...

LOVE the recap. I've always wanted to go to Vegas. Please let Ryan know that Mike and I will send him our flight itenirary so he can get started on our plans just as soon as we get our tickets booked! ;)

Em O-W said...

not that your description of the naked dude on the scooter didn't paint an excellent picture...but nothing could have prepared me for the real thing. Legen--wait for it--dary!

Angel said...

Okay - All the "ryans" out there are HANDSOME! Afterall, the name means "royal and good looking". Maybe this is why all the Ryans that I know (mine, yours, American Idol's) all have to keep up with their good looks. And did I catch that there was DANCING? A pedi/mani AND fabulous food, lights, romance, good company, chubby men on little bikes...NICE!