Friday, May 15, 2009

Welcome Back, Kotter

I just snatched the above picture from Suz's blog in the event that some of you who know her have forgotten what she looks like. It was taken in celebration of her birthday back in April. However the reason why I feel the need to highlight Suz's blog is because she has finally returned to the blogosphere after a 4 month blogging hiatus and oh, how I've missed her. I mean, what has she been doing all this time other than raising a child and maintaining a family? Personally I'm ecstatic because I can see for myself that Mike and Suz have promptly put Miss C to work mowing the lawn and tending sheep. It is about time she start earning her keep around the place I suppose. She is certainly growing up and is as cute as a little button. Hop on over and check the blog out if you haven't done so since Christmas! Thanks friend for humoring all of us [read: me] who encourage you nicely [read: nag] to update your blog by coming back to the world wide web.

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Suzanna said...

Thanks, HP, for the publicity--yeah, we've been busy but it was no excuse. We'll see what happens, but I THINK that I'll keep up with it now that things have settled a bit...but things may slow down again at the end of the year :)

Isn't it funny how we blog and read each other's and then pretend like anyone other than each other is also reading? It's the adult version of pretending my life was a tv show when I was a kid.