Friday, May 23, 2008

Just another day at The OC

One of the reasons why I enjoy my job so much is due to the fact that I'm surrounded by such fun and wonderful co-workers. It really makes for a pleasant work life. Despite the illusion of "walls", my workspace is quite public and open in a very high traffic area so often I get asked the important questions like "Can you help me with the copier?" or "Do you know where ________ is?". Today I had to complete a timed test for a certification and in order to keep people from bothering me, this is how my cube looked this morning upon my arrival at work:
From the looks of my desk, the caution tape is quite appropriate even without a timed test to complete. Thanks work friends for making my day easier!


allison said...

When I saw this picture on facebook I kept wondering "why the caution tape?" and thinking that someone was really mean and making a statement about your demeanor at work. But this makes so much more sense. I mean who wouldn't love some quippy interaction with HP even if it does involve directions for use of the copier or a scavenger hunt for the red swingline stapler.

Heather said...

Unfortunately, faculty do not love quippy interaction with HP. I'm just one of those staff people. You would think staff people had staph infections sometimes by the way some act toward us. Although, I suppose one could say the tape was making a statement about my demeanor at work remember how grouchy I would be coming home to 101 Ash after a hard day at the office. :)

allison said...

I would just like to be on the record in saying that those staff folk are the ones missing out in not interacting with the wonderfully hilarious HP.