Friday, July 11, 2008

Cash on Ice

Look - I know that it appears that I'm obsessed with my dog from all the pictures I take of him. I promise, if he was your dog, you would be obsessed too. Unless of course you had some aversion to puppy teeth or barking at 1:15 a.m. or constantly digging bark and rocks out his mouth. Thanks to my neighbor emptying his cooler on Cash's potty spot, I found out last night that my little water puppy does not discriminate between frozen or liquid H2O. He played and played and played in it until it was all melted. Considering it's July, that was all of about 25 minutes.


Amanda said...

So cute! We had a dog who loved to spread out on piles of ice to cool down. She always looked like she was in doggie heaven.

Jenny said...

How fun for little Cash! I love to see pictures of him, so no complaints here. My only question is, how do you seem to always have a camera with you? I must learn how you do such magical things.

Heather said...

I keep my camera in my purse so I'm always prepared. Hmmm...maybe I did learn something in Girl Scouts.