Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Sweet Set of Wheels

I believe that the majority of the population will agree with me that this was a bad idea for the automobile industy:However there is still at least one fan of the whole car-truck concept out there, and as luck would have it...this individual was in my apartment complex today!!! As I turned the corner to park in front of my building you can imagine my amusement when my eyes fell upon this:
Seriously? I suppose that this is a car-truck for the elite. Well...that's questionable. Good thing I had my camera in my purse to capture this Kodak moment! Now all I have to do is make friends with the owner so I can cruise around the Classic City in style. Wouldn't Cash look so cute in the back? (Note: Don't worry Mom, I'm not really going to galavant around Athens with a complete stranger.)

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Josh & Donna said...

really? i mean. i have never.... gosh i'm just speechless!