Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Medieval Times with Micah

Let me start by saying that Micah is quite possibly Mom and Dad's greatest child. Now, we all have qualities that make us great in our own ways (at least that's what Mom tells us), but Micah is the best I think. He's so go with the flow and patient. After much patience, he and I finally got to have our fun weekend together. Of course his weekend came after Ethan's weekend. The boys are so different in terms of their interests so there was no sporting event involved this time. Well, I guess technically jousting is a sport. Maybe not so much the staged and rehearsed kind that you find at Medieval Times though. On Saturday night we went down to Discover Mills for the festivities. Now I'm not one to get all jazzed about swords and shields and men with their long hair and sparkly tights on horseback, but I'm probably the most well-rounded child so I can appreciate it for the entertainment that it was. Micah really enjoyed it though and knowing that he had fun is what made it totally worth it for me. (Unbeknown to Micah, the Golden Knight was waiting to pounce at just the right moment.)
Afterwards we headed back to Athens. Upon our arrival at my apartment, Cash really proved himself as a "guard dog": Sunday night we headed back to my parents' house and I was able to spend a couple of days with the family as well. Traveling with a puppy and a brother is quite exhausting. It even wore the passengers out:

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Suzanna said...

Those boys are so lucky to have a big sister like you...I'm glad you guys had fun...they will remember those "special weekends" forever!