Thursday, August 7, 2008

Grow Old Gracefully? I Think Not!

Fact: I'm not old. Even though I can remember vividly when Mama was the same age that I am now. And we all know that Moms are well...old. (It was a near tragedy in my little world when she turned 30...) But now I realize, she was a young mother. Yes, that's it. However this mind and body ain't what it used to be. Over the past few days the following things have happened to make this statement ever more my reality:
  1. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings of this week I was greeted by a lone silver-gray (not auburn-red-brown) strand of hair in the top of my head when I looked into the mirror. Do they seriously turn gray overnight? And will this ever start happening to multiple strands of hair at the same time? I need to have Miss Clairol #523 on hand in the event that I wake up one day and I'm completely gray. Although I swore I would never under any circumstance color my hair, I'm pretty sure that as a female it's my prerogative to change my mind on that matter. Those never say never statements are getting me in trouble yet again.
  2. I started taking a Glucosamine-Chondroitin dietary supplement each evening. I'm probably in the best shape right now than I've been in since high school when playing sports was a priority in my life. Evidently all that walking back and forth to the Chow Hall in college sure did a number on my joints though because they ache after each and every workout. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that my joints are 11 years older than they were when I graduated from high school.
  3. In a conversation with my friend, Allison, I made a reference to the fashion choices of high school girls, particularly shorts. However my statement came out exactly like this: "Well, you know how the young girls today are wearing them - so short that their panties are hanging out." one single solitary statement I became my grandmother. Not my mom. Nope, I completely skipped that whole turning into my mother stage. I transformed myself into a granny in a matter of seconds. Don't get my wrong, I love my MuMu (yes, we call her MuMu) and she's sassy and cool for a grandmother. In a bake-a-casserole-and-take-it-to-the-funeral-home-when-someone-in-the-church-passes-away sort of way that I'm not quite ready for yet.
  4. I have vacuumed twice in less than a week because my vacuum is new, and I'm really excited about having a new vacuum. What???

Hmm...since the Fountain of Youth is not easily accessible maybe I'll go buy a new graphic tee and download a Miley Cyrus song to counteract the aging that is happening.


Josh and Donna said...

1. i have gray hairs too!
2. those youngin's ARE wearing shorts too short.
3. new vacuums are awesome! and you have to vacuum so often when you have a lab.

Georgia Peach said...

The short, shorts comment made me bust out laughing. Those young girls today! whippersnappers.

But I have to agree. Those shorts are too short.

I have distinct memories of wearing umbros with biker shorts underneath. My grandmother thought it was slouchy!! Better slouchy than skeezy I always say.

Jenny said...

Yes, gray hairs will eventually come in numbers greater than single hairs. I know this because I have numerous amounts of gray hairs. I also have never wanted to color my hair (b/c I'm fond of the natural color). But, last year for my high school reunion I felt the need to take out the gray, and so I did. And I loved it, and it was very natural looking.
I also want to add that women are showing way too much cleavage. I don't want to see other women's boobage, and neither do I want my husband and friends to.