Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home Friends

This weekend I headed back home to Hickory Flat for Erin's wedding shower (she's the one in the green). All 7 of us have been friends since kindergarten or maybe even a little before for a few of us. It's crazy to think that Jamie now has a little girl (pictured) the same age as we all were when we met. There is comfort indeed in having these "home friends". Sure, we could not be more different now and only a few keep in touch with each other on a regular basis, but regardless, our childhood memories consist of "us" and the things that we did. When we do see each other it is always fun to think back upon some of the silly times we shared and all of the fun we had, but naturally anytime there was more than 2 of us together, tears were a sure thing. We all had our fair share of playing both the victim and instigator roles. Why are little girls so mean? I guess it is just a part of the growing up process. However I am thankful for these ladies and their families because these are the people who knew me when. When my hair was all frizzed out and it was the biggest thing about me. When I was afraid of thunderstorms (ok, so I still don't like them but I don't automatically flip out into panic mode). When I was an only child. When I would leave a slumber party right before everyone else went to bed because I was the homebody. When I was never on time to anything...ever. No, we'll never all live in the same community and have kids on the same sports teams or Brownie troop like we were, but I do hope that one day my future kiddos will have their own "home friends" that they will one day come to think of as family like I do mine.

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Jenny said...

Can I just say that you are wearing the cutest dress ever and are THE cutest one.