Sunday, August 3, 2008

SPAM...not the kind you find in your inbox

On my way to Caroline's baby dedication this morning (more to come about that), I stopped at a gas station to get some gum. After toiling over my decision of which flavor of Orbit gum to try this time, I finally made my way to the counter where my eyes spied a whole entire display of this:

Ewwww....SPAM? Being sold in single serve packets?? Ok, don't get me wrong, I did experience fried SPAM as a child. However I gave it up for good around the same time I eliminated bologna, hot dogs and Steakumms from my diet. I was 5. Now it might not be so shocking to see single servings of SPAM in a gas station in oh... Hawaii (where one can get SPAM at McDonald's) or Ludowici, GA (no offense to the great citizens of Ludowici) where I'm sure you can also get pickled pigs feet and pickled eggs out of those big glass jars, but I was in Dunwoody right across from Perimeter Mall. Who in Dunwoody eats SPAM? Seriously. Naturally my curiosity was peaked so I came home to do some internet research in order to find an image of today's topic for the blog post. But I never anticipated that I would also find this: A website devoted to SPAM Singles. What will they think of next?

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Suzanna said...

Heather, you are so funny that you should be getting paid. Seriously. You should be a weekly columnist for a newspaper. It would be my favorite column even if you weren't my friend.